Forgetting Feels Like This

It feels like distraction, like the impulse to pick up my phone again and scroll.
It feels like low-lying urgency to do something productive,
To take comfort in tasks completed and boxes checked.
Stopping to read Scripture or pray feels like twin magnets pushing against one another,
"I'll get to that later."
It feels like silent internal cries for validation,
Checking again for likes or messages from friends.

This is what forgetting feels like.
Forgetting that I did not create myself.
Forgetting that my life is not my own.
Forgetting that the God who numbers the hairs on my head also chose to stoop and save me.
That he right now delights in me.
That Christ's righteousness covers me completely.

My citizenship is not of this world.
If I had an eternal passport it would be stamped, "Transferred: From the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of my Beloved Son."
Joy in the temporal is fleeting and hard to hold,
But joy in my salvation is as steadfast as the Savior who secures it.
It will never end, never depart.
Because he is eternal,
And I am in him.

Photo by Irina on Unsplash


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