Seeking Faces and Justice

“Many seek the face of a ruler, but it is from the LORD that a man gets justice.” Prov. 29:26

We swap, steal, and sell power like currency. Ignoring the only true source, we window shop one another and stick price tags on our own reflections. 
We scoff at Kingdom economy and embrace one we curate, where we fear rejection and vie for acceptance, all from equal sojourners who are fearing and vying in unison. This exhausting dance follows the rhythm that sin ushered in.
Because we hand out power, we later come back to collect justice. I buy in to the idea that powerful people can right my wrongs, or write my pardon. I’ve created a carboard bench which I ask to approach and fear a paper gavel. 
In the only courtroom that will never crack or crumble, the verdict has already been given. 
The scales of mercy and justice balanced perfectly on a cross-beam. My debt has been paid, and my account has been filled with a glorious inheritance. That is a transaction that changes everything.  


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