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Gospel Mission

The following free-verse poem was written by Myra Dempsey as part of a Sunday worship service at her home church, Cross City Columbus. It is based on 2 Corinthians 5 and focuses on Christ followers’ call to live on gospel mission as agents of reconciliation. You can watch her share the poem here . *     *     * Gospel Mission From the moment blurry eyes open Our minds are flooded with the current of the day To-dos- new and old left undone- crowd quickly in. Our earthly tent seems both light enough to spring up around us wherever we go, Yet heavy enough to obscure the Light and darken the stars of our heavenly home. This world is a gift, these bodies the same, but life here is incomplete. Ever since our first parents realized they needed clothes, all of Creation has been waiting, groaning for our perfect, forever-home. One day we will be covered in clothes that never fade— spotless robes that we could never sew or earn, placed lovingly on us by our Savior King. The One who laid aside hi

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