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Seeds and Soil

I often wonder how the interests and passions I feel came to be.  Were they drummed up from my own imagination, my own ego? I question their virtue and wonder if I justify them unjustly. 
Sometimes I imagine they were placed purposefully into the soil of my heart. I picture a gardener’s calloused hand, skillfully drawing a single seed from his palm with his thumb, then pushing it down into the dirt. I’ve wondered why some seeds lie dormant season after season. I esteem quick growth to be far better. Productivity! Measurable yields!  But then I realize, the soil itself needs the seeds. 

Yesterday I wondered toward God while shampooing my hair.
Musings that don’t seem to fit in the category of prayer are often our best conversations.  My thoughts pointed backward, realizing that for more than a decade I’ve wanted to teach. Through written and spoken words I want to point people to freedom in Jesus! I pondered the timing of it all, letting the self-sufficient, omnipotent God of the univ…