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The Pull of Popularity

I remember the huge ads hanging inside the store. Group shots of young adults sitting around a campfire or playing a wildly amusing game of pickup football. Some showed shirtless guys with six-packs, not a single strand of body hair in sight. The thin, young women stared out of their frames, not smiling per se, but bemused. I was fourteen and had just come out of that awkward, middle school stage. I stood and wondered what secret these beautiful people were privy to. 

The photos with couples seemed to capture my attention the most. I was a proper Disney aficionado, a sucker for all things depicting love. I knew the photos didn’t necessarily show real life. Yet, I also desperately wanted to be like those picturesque people. I realized that buying a particular pair of low-rise jeans wasn’t going to magically give me the life shown in those oversized stills. I somehow also believed that wearing clothes with this particular logo would make me more likeable. And I desperately wanted to fit …

Comfort Comes from the Creator

The blank walls around me provide a stark contrast to  the scenic backdrop I recently enjoyed. Just “four sleeps” ago (as my children count time) we stood looking out at the Atlantic ocean. That simple act was so full, and my mind can recall the details and sensations vividly. My feet felt sand and bits of shells that the waves tirelessly crashed in, then quickly took back out again. I heard the distant calls of seagulls, felt the breeze move my hair, and smelled fish that had just been caught on the pier. I squinted my eyes and looked as far as I could, trying to pinpoint where the ocean and sky met. As I enjoyed this feast of common grace, I couldn’t help but worship the Creator. Because God made everything, he alone determines how it works, and he alone should receive the glory from it all.  
As creator, God knows how all things best function. When he spoke all things into existence he included a pattern, which if followed, will lead to human flourishing. His commands, like “die to …