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My Anxiety Idol

We sold our home today! We signed the papers, handed over the keys, and completed the seven-month process which has often felt all-consuming.
Each stage at times seemed overwhelming- from the painting and redecorating at the beginning, to the actual packing/loading/moving/unpacking at the end (and all the "Hurry up and hide the toys, we have a showing!" in between). But overwhelmed is the perfect soil in which beautiful dependence can grow.
There were moments on this journey when the fatigue and stress felt more real than anything else. On too many mornings consciousness immediately ushered in a mental to-do list. I hated the gnawing, low rumblings of anxiety just as much as I hated the snapping tone I heard come from my lips. There were times when the weight of all I felt responsible to accomplish was crushing.
Do not be anxious about anything...
I was believing a lie. The circumstances were difficult, yes, but they were not what made my chest tight and my heart heavy. What did…