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The Gospel in the Van

I’ve heard the “big picture” of the gospel- God’s creation, the fall, Christ’s redeeming death and resurrection, the sending of the Holy Spirit, all the way to the second coming of Christ and eternity in heaven- described as “The Gospel in the Air.” Conversely, the “zoomed in” view of the gospel, how it applies to me and impacts my life, has been termed “The Gospel on the Ground.” As I thought about what to share in order to glorify my King and encourage others, I thought of where the gospel most often intersects with my life… in our family van.
I often feel the impact of the gospel while driving my three kids- 5 and under- around in the van, because that is most often when I see my depravity and need for a Savior. My sinful “grids” include a lot of lies about where my value and worth lie, mainly in my own performance. Those distortions, which I all too readily believe, bleed over into so many daily interactions! Our emotions don’t exist in a vacuum. What we believe to be true, even …

Taking Fear Out of Friendship

She sits across from me, perched on the edge of her seat. She makes limited eye contact as she begins to describe the circumstances which have brought her to this room. It’s obvious she doesn't feel very comfortable, but the hope for help and expectancy of change hold her here. She needs something. She’s weary and searching for a hand to reach out and grab on to.

I’ve had the privilege of being the biblical counselor sitting on the other side of this scene, asking the Holy Spirit to give me wisdom and gospel-clarity to share. These kinds of moments, however- when pain reaches out and love attempts to reciprocate- should not be unique to a counselor’s office. This is what is meant to happen every day, in living rooms, coffee shops, and crowded playgrounds. God, in his mercy and through his Spirit, has equipped every follower of Christ to be able to speak gospel truth and encourage others with the Word. Unfortunately, I haven’t witnessed this to be the norm for relationships in local…