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Worship in the Waiting

This is a hard blog to write. It's hard because I feel myself immediately pulled in two different directions: discuss worship itself- like how we're all innately wired to worship, and how we so frequently direct our worship to creation rather than the Creator- or instead just share some of my personal, sometimes painful, journey with worship. Today I'll choose the latter.

God has used one of the things I hate most to teach me about true worship.  Waiting.

I've always hated waiting. My dad is one of those people who takes joy in finding a way around lines, discovering unused shortcuts or somehow increasing the efficiency of things. Both of my parents were brought up under the adage, "Time is money," so from an early age I gathered that waiting is a vice, not a virtue. Subtle "truths" that accompanied this mindset were that Ishouldn't have to wait on things, and that it's up to me to change my circumstances and avoid waiting.

I happily embrace…