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Mercy for the Mess

I woke up this morning with that "I didn't even get close to enough sleep last night" feeling and immediately swung into "Mom Mode." Eli's glasses had been missing since yesterday afternoon, and my thoughts of "I'm sure they'll turn up" had soured overnight into internal grumblings and blame shifting. As I knelt in a pile of cracker bits, LEGO pieces, marker lids, and dirt, all unearthed from the abyss under the couch, my pride and selfishness reared up big time. The "injustice" of the mundane mom duties made me impatient and harsh toward my kids. I yelled at them, employed guilt and shame as feeble attempts at behavior modification, and I hated the words I heard coming out of my own mouth.

After the mess was cleaned up (and glasses were found!) I apologized to my children for yelling, but I knew I still needed to address the root of the sinful heart. God was so faithful to draw me to repentance and minister to me! I…