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Making God Smile

“Have you made God smile today?” That question, printed in bold letters on a church sign, caught my friend’s eye as she drove by. She mentioned it to me on the phone, because we’d had multiple conversations about this idea- us making God smile. “Have you made God smile today?” Such a simple question stirs a myriad of feelings inside me, like frustration, relief, and sadness. I’m frustrated by the implications of that question, namely that God isn’t smiling at us until we do something to earn it. I can remember growing up in church and hearing this idea taught…when I’m good and obey the rules, I make God smile. I even had a kids’ cassette tape with Christian songs and little skits, one of which was all about “making HIM smile,” by doing various good deeds. My parents, in their best attempt to raise me right, reiterated the same point at home. God is so pleased with you when you’re good! This may seem on the surface like an appropriate thing to teach your children. We want to encourag…