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This Beautiful Side of Forever

We said our vows in the church of my childhood. Standing in front of familiar faces, we made promises that will last until death parts us. We were so young. We each hadn’t walked life’s road for long, even shorter still had we walked it hand-in-hand. We couldn’t know the dark valleys that lie ahead, like going for that first ultrasound and hearing no heartbeat, or cold nights when my heart felt much harder than the empty mattress space between us.  We also had no way of knowing just how breathtaking the mountaintop views would be! Like holding each of our four children, kissing their faces for the first time before you cut the cord. Or celebrating God’s goodness in ministry and having front row seats to seeing God move in people’s hearts. But in between the peaks and the valleys lies the most beautiful part of the journey - the everyday moments sustained by God’s faithfulness. The path paved with countless tiny joys.
Last night when you pulled me into our signature spoons and said, “Ever…

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