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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks Winds roar in chaotic cyclones. Change always brings uncertainty,  but this particular trip around the sun has brought weightier unknowns, darker nights, deeper divides. Ancient words from our timeless King speak quiet strength into our space. Give.  When the world screams “Take. Hoard. Keep.” the Creator who knows what we need says, “Give.” Give thanks.  Made from dust, our eyes bend down. We look at our feet as we travel life’s road- Our own scrapes and bruises consuming our gaze. Lift your eyes up to the hills, Beloved.  Remember where your help comes from.  “How can I give,” it’s easy to ask.  “When so much has been taken from me?”    A suffering brother’s words,  spoken so long ago,  still ring true today: “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” We bless because  we  have first been blessed. Chosen, predestined, adopted, delivered and kept forever!  Made alive, raised up, and seated with him. We are blessed beyond measure! Our h

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